Sunday, 6 December 2009

And so it's Christmas...

Today the Christmas music has been playing non stop in our house! I've been unpacking the Christmas decorations, and with the blazing sunshine outside I needed as much "Christmas" as I could - to get in the right spirit of it all. Not easy.
I do enjoy my Christmas music though, and I even had some pepparkakor (Swedish ginger snaps). Shame I didn't have any glögg though, will have to make my own.

Nathan took the kids swimming so I could do it all in peace, but I did save the decorating of the tree until they got home. By then it was also just the right time of the day with not so much light, so it turned into a very special moment!

Important to find the right decorations:

What's this?

Team work:

I want to put it all the way up there...

We all helped!

And finally - the star was placed on the top of the tree, aaahhhh!

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