Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas Day

We were all slightly tired waking up on Christmas Day, Mummy and Daddy mostly thanks to the Morris' traditional Christmas Eve bash (although this year we were sensible and got home before midnight even!); but also the kids after all the Christmas Eve excitement. But once awake, the kids had only one thing on their mind: more presents!
Santa (the real one!) had been, drunk his beer and eaten his cookies. Linnea was slightly disappointed that the reindeers hadn't eaten her reindeer food (*note to self: brush it away next year!!*), but quickly forgot about it when she saw all the presents under the tree.

The kids got so many lovely gifts. There has been packages arriving both from the family in Sweden and in Scotland, and we also had the gifts from the family in NZ hidden away in our cupboard since we were down there. So the children really got so spoiled!

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