Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Lacing up the shoes

With 80 days left until the Hong Kong race, it's time to step it up a bit - or at least start running a little bit more with a thought.
My friend Tash, who is also doing the 10 k, is following the Galloway-method (All us girls have the Galloway book "You can do it", and his method seems to work, so why not?) and today I joined her for one of her runs.

We ran around the little "roads" down where we took the kids biking the other day, not very far from us. It was actually the first time for me to be running outside (as in running purposely, not as in running-at-the-hash) and it was perfect! We set off at 5 pm when there was no more sunshine and a pleasant temperature. It kept getting "cooler" (well, everything is relative, right?) and there was even a beautiful breeze...

Anyway, it was really good for me to run with someone. We made a plan of how long we were running for and how we were going to run it, and then we stuck to it. Had I been by myself, I would probably just have given up halfway through, thinking that I wouldn't be able to continue.
So today, we ran 8k, and it was actually not too bad! I felt great, especially afterwards!

Nathan always says "the hardest thing is to lace up the shoes" - and I guess, today I kind of kicked off the training period for this race.
I laced up the shoes, and I completed the plan. I'm proud of myself.

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