Saturday, 5 December 2009

Just a trim please

We were slightly shocked and rather surprised coming home to this this morning:

It looked like a tornado had been through our garden!

Yes, I had told the gardener and the maintenance guys to trim the trees between our house and the neighbour's while we were gone. Trim - for several reasons: firstly because there was so many dead branches on the bushes and trees, and they didn't look very pretty. Secondly because I didn't want the trees resting on the roof (=rats and other creatures could climb in...) - but mainly because I wanted to let some more light in through our livingroom windows.

I did say 'trim' though. T-r-i-m.
I don't think they got that message... They had completely chopped down all the trees at the side of our house. So now there is kind of no more garden there, no more greenery and certainly no more privacy!

1 comment:

Jason said...

It will grow back in no time. Nice to see the travellers palms I planted looking so huge now. They were tiny when I put them in.