Monday, 13 December 2010

Swedish Christmas village

While I was in Stockholm, the kids helped Mormor with a very important Christmas task in this house: setting up the mini Santa village.


Well, the village is actually huge, 4,4 meters long (!) and in many dimensions, but the Santas are small.
Mormor has been collecting these miniature Santas for quite a while, and every year it's a challenge to try and find new ones in the right scale to move in.

Under construction:

Finished result!

It's a very detailed little Santa village. It has everything from working street lights to Santas arriving in airplanes and hot air balloons!
Check out the little birds in the trees:

Santa nursery in front of the toy shop:

Some of this years' additions:

A Santa that Lucas placed, he's a "Grumpy old Santa, under the bridge" (Think 'Dora the Explorer'!):

A lighthouse, some ducks and a fishing Santa:

Another Santa Lucas placed, he thought he should be watching the flag, that it could be nice! Mormor kept moving him back a few times because she wasn't all comfortable with him standing on the corner, but Lucas moved him out again each time, and I think he won in the end..!

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Mia said...

Wow! Barnen måste tycka att det är jätteroligt!