Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Christmas present of 2010

I stumbled upon an interesting article the other day in one of the newspapers, about the 'Christmas present of the year'. Apparently, they've predicted that this year the Christmas present most will give/get here in Sweden is a surf pad, i.e an iPad or similar.

It's calculated very scientifically by something called 'Handelns Utredningsinstitut' and has been since 1988.
The criteria are that it needs to be 1) something that is new or that has sparked a new interest 2) something that will be sold in many units and 3) something that represents the time we live in.

Going back through the list I found a lot of funny things, check this out:

1988 A bread maker
1990 A wok
1994 A mobile phone
1997 An electronic pet
2002 A cook book
2004 A flat screen TV
2007 A GPS
2008 An experience
2009 A "nail-mat" (?)

And look! I'm right on trend, Santa brought my present early..!

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