Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Arrived safe and sound in Heathrow this morning after a pretty uneventful trip (both kids ate and then slept most of the way), only to be thrown right into a massive snow chaos, it's a total whiteout!

We were listening to the radio in the taxi while driving to our friends this morning, and found out that nearly 400 lorries had been abandoned/stuck on the M25, several trains were stuck on the rails and a massive amount of schools were closed today - all due to the heavy snow fall and low temperatures.
It took us double the normal time to get to Horsham from the airport, although we were moving the whole time.

I kind of like the snow whirling about outside the window, and the kids are obsessed with the snow and the "fog" coming out of their mouth!
My only worry right now is our onward journey on Friday - Gatwick airport closed down today and is closed at least until tomorrow morning! I hope it calms down before our flight on Friday! :(

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Katarina på Filippinerna said...

Hoppas ovädret ska ge med sig så ni kan fortsätta er resa och mya av snön istället!