Saturday, 25 December 2010

Santa's visit 2010

After the traditional Julafton lunch, it was time for another tradition: Santa's visit! Last year we had a bit of a knock of the belief in the real Santa when Santa Matt had a beard-failure already when entering the house... but I think this year it all got restored when Santa Pete showed up.

Linnea straight away happily prodded his big tummy and realized there was no padding! Must be the real Santa!

The kids got a lot of presents from Scandinavia, both from Mormor and Morfar but also from Uncle Thomas (guess what..?), they were very spoiled.

While in Sweden, Mormor had also taken the kids out shopping separately, to get presents for Nathan and I, and for each other. They did so well, Lucas got me some Christmas things I had pointed at while walking through a shop earlier; and Linnea got me some pink earrings (although Mormor had told me had been eying up some gift ribbon she thought I'd like..?).
Lucas had carefully chosen a new tie for Nathan, and Linnea had found him some socks with Santa on it.
They were spot on with the presents for each other as well, Lucas got Linnea a 'Hello Kitty Pet Shop' and Linnea got Lucas a "finger-bike".
Mostly I think they enjoyed having secrets - the wrapping and labeling and secret stuff!

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