Monday, 24 August 2009

The eagle has landed

We have arrived safe and sound back in Brunei. It's good to be home, even though we were greeted after just having been in the house for a couple of hours, with a near 3 hr power cut... Welcome back...
Fortunately, just as it was getting dark and I had lit all the candles in the house, the power came back - and with that the well needed AC..!

The trip went just fine this time. It was long of course, but it didn't feel looong like it can do sometimes. You just have to do it one bit at a time, and that makes it easier.
Saturday we had to do Göteborg-Copenhagen, and have a 3 hr transit there before catching our flight to Heathrow - since SAS had cancelled our direct flight. Luckily, I didn't have to pay for my overweight, it did have me a bit worried. It was only 1 kg extra per person, but still, you never know how rigid the check in person is on the rules.

Normally, Copenhagen is a beautiful airport full of cool shops and 3 hrs would have passed easily... if you wouldn't have had two small children in tow. They were unfortunately not the slightest interested in browsing the shops... So we found a quiet corner where we could have a hot dog, and play for a bit.

Upon arrival in London, one of our suitcases had gone missing. Luckily, it wasn't the one with the toilet bag and our travel clothes for the next day, but the one we were supposed to lock in at the airport during our transit anyway. On the other hand, it was the one packed full with all the new stuff, all the Lego and all my new clothes etc...
I made a report on it and they could already see it would arrive to LHR with another flight later that evening (it had for some strange reason taken a detour to Brussels?). So I left the address to the hotel, hoping for the best.

At the hotel the kids got a great surprise, because they didn't know that our dear friends from Horsham - the Häggkvist family had driven up to meet us! It was a huge reunion hug party, and then the kids played in the little jungle gym in the hotel, while us adults had coffee and caught up a bit. It was so lovely to see them, so nice they made the effort even though it was only for a short meet.

I didn't sleep too well, cause I kept thinking of all the things in the missing suitcase, that I thought I would never see again.
But miracles do happen - the next morning at check out, there it was!! It had been delivered during the night, halleluja!

I was dreading the two long flights of the second day, because they were both mostly day flights. But the kids were super well behaved and actually (mostly) stayed in their seats, and were easily entertained. They only took a short nap each on the first sector and then we got to sleep a bit more on the second one. We arrived in Brunei rather perky!

I have spent the day unpacking and being grateful all our bags made it! All the stuff I managed to bring back, it's crazy...
The kids have been playing with their toys, the dogs and been running around outside for a long while. We've only all had a very short nap this afternoon (I set the alarm), so hopefully now we will get to sleep without too much trouble and stay asleep most of the night. As long as there will be no more power cuts...

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