Monday, 3 August 2009

The slugbuster

When we were over in Kolding, Dorte went on a little garden safari every evening when dew had fallen, to check for "killer snails" (in Scandinavia in some areas they have huge problems with these slugs that breed in super speed and eat everything in your garden); something she involved the kids in, and they took huge pleasure in doing!

This morning when it had rained, I saw Linnea outside walking around the garden with a plastic bucket, instructing Daniel in how to chase "killer whales" (...)!
They were very cute - and found loads of them. They got killed with some salt, and thrown over the hedge.

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Jason said...

ght me a book for my christmas present once of '101 ways to kill a slug' as I used to go on the hunt at night in Capel with my special slug salt.