Thursday, 20 August 2009

Pigging out days almost over...

I got on the scales this morning and got a small chock, I'm slightly heavier than when I arrived on holiday... Even though I've been running in the forrest, and really feel good!! Boo-hoo! :(
It's a shame I don't look as good as I feel!

I'm really proud of myself for doing all this exercise while on holiday though. I've never done anything before while in Sweden (even though I should have, yes), so all exercise that has happened is good exercise I guess! (Today I ran over 6 km, not bad for someone who has never been a runner before!)
If it was only down to going exercise I would loose my overweight easy peasy, but unfortunately it's that 'controlling your diet' that is the hard part for me. I like my food.

I'm aware that being in Sweden offers far too many temptations for me and that every time I come back it's the same old story - I do gain some weight pigging out on all the goodies. It's too hard to say no to lösgodis, chokladpudding, marängsviss; frukostsmörgåsar på Lingongrova-bröd med massor av god ost eller leverpastej; kulglass, bearnaissås, kanelbullar, Ballerina-kex, bag-in-box vin, Estrella chips, Marabou choklad, dammsugare och chokladbiskvier m.m m.m... Too hard...

A few extra kilos inevitably happens every time, exercise or no exercise. Hopefully I have eliminated some of them by running this year though! And when we get back, it's back into normal routines and better eating habits. For sure.

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