Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Jet lag fool

I thought we had cracked the jet lag already on the first night, but I was fooled.
We landed here 09.40 (am) on Monday - only had a 2 hr nap that first day and went to sleep at about 22 that night, all of us slept until 09.30!
So far so good.
Yesterday I kept the kids awake all day, thinking I would be able to get them to bed slightly earlier that way. Yes, they went to sleep at 19 - only to wake up again at midnight!!

Unfortunately that coincided with Nathan getting home, so the reunion excited them even more of course, and only at 02 am were they asleep again...
But, this morning I woke them at 8 - so maybe tonight we will get a normal nights sleep. At least, school is not on for another few days, so we have time.

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Sapawi said...

Hi MrsW. I never board the airplane but I know that I'll feel the same way like you if I did travelling many time zones far from my country Malaysia.
I really like your blog that tells your life in Brunei.
Brunei shares lots of similarities with Malaysia.
From this blog, I can also learn
how the a foreigner embraces the life far from her own country.
Hope you can continue to share another stories in Brunei. Thanks