Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Today's excursion went up to a nearby mountain (well... very small mountain) Mösseberg, and to a little mini-zoo & playground there. A popular outing for families around here.
Lucas enjoyed the view, and said: "Look Mummy, we can see ALL Sweden from here!!"

It's a very child-friendly 'zoo', with mini-pigs, chickens, deers, peacocks, ponies, geese, rabbits etc. The kids were electrified to get to help feed the little goats:

They got branches of leaves for lunch!

There was also a big playground, so the kids were well entertained for a few hours!

Afterward, we went to the local cheese factory to stock up for a nice snack, and then into the center of town to browse the shops and have ice cream.

We only just got back home late this afternoon in time for dinner, and Lucas asked Mormor "How come this day ended so quickly?", so he must have had a good time!

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