Thursday, 20 August 2009

Vacation summary

It's time to sum up this year's Scandinavian vacation. Last day today.
Bags are getting packed, the DS, PSP and other gadgets are getting charged and we are all gearing up for our long trip.

It's kind of lovely to think back because it's been some pretty packed six weeks with lots of fun things to remember!
After last years holiday, we did some thinking and tried to plan this year differently, so we would actually be relaxed and rested after it, instead of even more tired! Last year, we trained around everywhere, and visited six (!) big amusement parks. Fun yes, but slightly exhausting too!

It made a big difference to our holiday to have cars to our disposal both in Denmark and in Sweden. It also made it more relaxed to have made up a travel plan already before coming, and mostly stick to that. That meant less decisions to make on the trip itself.

I want to send a huge Thank You to all our friends who opened up their homes to us, we really enjoyed visiting you all and feel very privileged having so many good friends up here in Scandiland!
So Thank You to Claudia, Vivien & Linn; Thank You to Dorte, Lars, Lukas, Anna & Magnus; Thank You Thomas, Signe, Mikkeline & Konrad; Thank You Anne, Frederik, Malthe, Daniel & Ida; Thank You Fredrik, Eva, Tilda & Emma; Thank You Jens, Karin, Max & Tilde and Thank You Sam, Kicki, Maya, Charlie & Jack.

Thank You Ann-Katrine, Linea & hubby for lending us your apartment, super nice of you!

Thank You Henrik & Jette for lending us your car, that was great! And Thank You Katrine, for assisting in delivering it back!

Thank You Kattis, Moa, Lukas; Johanna, Mickaël & Jonathan; Sören, Katja, Filippa & Konrad; Lars; Tom & Nina; Viola, Hans & Edvin; Elinor, Leif & Sara; Johnny, Natalie & Fredrik; Tina, Emma, Stefan & Irmeli; Mads, Barbara & Josefine; Pierre, Dorthe, Cecilie & Sebastian; Jenny & Kamilla - for taking time to see us!

Thank You Erika for a lovely couple of girlfriend-days!

And last but not least, Thank You Mormor and Morfar - for looking after us, putting up with all our stuff everywhere and all our noice (...) and doing everything for us these summer weeks!
We will miss you.

It's been another great summer holiday (minus the sometimes quite boring weather, but hey, that's Scandinavian summer for you!) - and we will cherish the many memories for a long time!

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