Monday, 18 August 2008

Vacation in numbers

Our Scandinavian vacation is over for this time. It's time to go, our bags are packed and we are on our way.
It's been five fantastic weeks, and here is a little summary, in numbers:

Days it has rained: 14 (I think, maybe more)
Amusement parks we have visited: 5
Friends we have seen: 58
Places we have slept in: 7
Ice creams we have eaten: 25 each (at least!)
Plasters we have used: 8
Pictures we have taken: 601
Lego boxes we have built: 8
Family we have caught up with: 14
Books I have read: 0
Blog posts I have written: 40

3 things I rather not sum up:
- How many kilometers we have traveled, across the world, and criss-crossing Denmark and Sweden here, there and everywhere.
- How much money we have spent (gosh, Europe is suddenly really, really expensive!)
- How many kilos we have gained...

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