Wednesday, 6 August 2008

A(nother) perfect day

Today was Nathan's last day of this vacation, tomorrow he is heading off back to Brunei again. The last few days have been quite quiet, because of the rain, but today finally the sun came back and we decided to spend the day at Skara Sommarland.

I took Lucas there two years ago, but since the others hadn't been there before we had a lot to discover.
Even though the weather was great, it wasn't too much people. Some queues but never too long of a wait. Lucas went on a lot of different rides, but poor Linnea wasn't allowed, cause you had to be 100 cm tall for most of them. She didn't agree at all with the fact that she wasn't big enough:
- I'm NOT too little!!!

It really was a shame, I felt so sorry for her, but what can you do? I guess they need to have a limit somewhere... She could go on the trucks, and the airplanes, and then she and I had an ice cream when the others were on some of the big rides, so she got something special too!
Here they are, on a selection of rides (I'm sorry if it's hard to spot them/us, not the easiest task to take pictures of a ride in motion):

We also went for a bit of a splash, Skara Sommarland is mostly known for it's big water land. The kids played happily for a while, even though it was horrendously cold - but then Lucas wanted to go to the hot pool... :)

The best 5 kr we spent all day, was on the tombola. Lucas chose nr 20, and we won!!! Not only won but we got the the Starprize - 2 kgs of chocolate! Mmm... Marabou...

We finished the day off with a trip on the little train, the four of us together. The kids were still in good spirits, even at the end of this long day:

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