Thursday, 14 August 2008


It's raining again, and I'm sitting here after the morning rush quietly contemplating our last few weeks. This long vacation is soon coming to an end and I was thinking about listing some favourite moments. But, thinking about it it's all been so good! We have done so much, had so much fun and good times; met up with so many of our old friends - so I won't even try. It's all been great!

One the absolute highlights must be what we did this Tuesday though:
My friend Linda (from UK) has been in Sweden all summer, because she had a little baby in the middle of July. Since it was number three, staying with her parents provided her with a lot of well needed help up until and after the arrival of the baby.
We had talked about trying to catch up, now that we were in Sweden at the same time, but I had decided not to go and see them because I felt we had moved the kids around enough through UK, Denmark and Sweden for this time.
That was until I realized that they were only 2 1/2 hours away...

So, I decided to drive up and surprise visit Linda this Tuesday and phoned her mother to tell her about my plans.
Linda got surprised all right, and so happy to suddenly see us, that she even shed a little tear!
We had a great afternoon together, and the kids played nicely all day, just like in the old days. Such a shame we live so far apart now, but I'm happy at least, our friendship is none the different. Still as strong as ever.
It was great fun giving her the biggest surprise, and so lovely to see them all! Thank you for a super day!

Here are some pics (some are blurry, but wanted to show them anyway):
Savannah and Linnea:

Angelo trying to scare off the wasps:

Crazy dancing to Imse Vimse Spindel:

Niccolai and Lucas playing pirates chasing lions, in the trees..:

Linnea and Angelo:

Linda and Savannah:

All the kids:

Me and my girl:

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