Friday, 1 August 2008


Every season, people decide how much they want to follow the current trends and fashions. They get affected and inspired in different ways. Sometimes I think it's all depending on where you live and how much there is a need to conform.

I found out, that if you want to fit in fashion-wise in Denmark this summer, you need to own at least one of the following items:

- "Gladiator style" sandals
- Any kind of bohemian style shirt in any shade of white
- Denim jumpsuit
- Unisex aviator style sunglasses, preferably with gold metal rims

I saw these fashion items, over and over again on the streets in DK. It almost felt like the summer uniform of the year! (I bought a white shirt, that's how far I stretched, you will never see me in grown-up-dungarees - hello Teletubby...)

To be really "in" - you also need to drink Kusmi Tea, the trendiest tea at the moment. It must be mentioned in every interior design magazine I've flicked through these past few weeks, and every blog I've read. Everybody seems to be drinking Kusmi Tea in Scandinavia (or at least, has it on their shelves because the tins are very pretty)! I didn't buy any, but now I regret even though it was horrendously expensive, cause the tins really were cute. I have to see if they have it in Singapore..!

Another thing I noticed that everybody in Denmark is really in to now more than ever, is organic food and eco washing products. Every house we stayed at, had "Neutral" branded washing products, both for their hair/body, dishes and clothes. That is, products without any additives, color or perfume.
Denmark has always been ahead when it comes to being environmentally conscious, but now it's like it's almost compulsory - which is good, of course! I was just (positively) surprised at how well they have managed to convince people that eco and organic is the way to go. Sweden and UK (and in some ways even NZ) are still far behind in making every little person pull their weight, and let's not even begin to talk about Brunei...
Go Denmark!


Anki72 said...

Välkommen "hem"! :) Jag kommer en sväng till Skara nästa helg, då min farmor har 80-årskalas.

Nathan said...

I think you need to spend more time in NZ if you think a coal burning country like DK is more environmentally aware or friendly than NZ! You will be hard pressed to find anywhere more environmentally friendly than NZ.