Sunday, 24 August 2008

Tomorrow, tomorrow! *Singing*

Tomorrow is the day I have been waiting for the past week - school is back! I have to admit, it's going to be so nice, for all of us.
Lucas is looking forward to seeing his friends, Linnea is looking forward to starting "real" school and me, I'm looking forward to having four hours every morning to do what only I want to do... mmm!

We are ready to go. Picked up all the uniform on Friday, and the amah has been busy naming all the different parts; we have bought new, black school shoes for both of them (still need to get Linnea some sneakers for PE) and they have both been picking out new school bags. I wanted them to have trolley bags this year, as I was sick of logging all Lucas' stuff last year, now they can pull their bags themselves! Lucas chose a Batman one and Linnea a "Kitty-cat" one (=Hello Kitty).
All the drinks bottles, lunch- and snackboxes have been named as well, now I only need to get the kids to sleep fairly early, we have to get up at 06.20 tomorrow...

I like the everyday life. I like routine. I never used to, but since I've had kids, it's by far the easiest way to get our everyday to hang together. Clear rules and routines, every day looks pretty much the same, easy. I like it. I can't wait until tomorrow...

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