Friday, 29 August 2008

Warm up over

This week has been a bit of a warm up for us. It's been a bit hard to all of a sudden get up at 06.15 (with 2 kids to drop off, and Lucas having to be at class at 07.30, that has been necessary). It's been long days for the kids, especially with the extra bit to drive now that we have moved slightly further away from school. We leave home at 07.10, Linnea gets picked up at 11.30 and Lucas at 14.00.

We have tried to fine tune our morning routines and time the getting-ready and the drive to school. I think we've got it down to a good plan now! All I need now, is to try to get into bed earlier at nights too!

Tomorrow we are kicking off with the first birthday party of the year, we have another one next weekend as well, and with two schoolkids now - this is just the beginning!
Next week it's all getting serious though! No more soft start, no more warm up, no more excuses: it's back to the gym for me! I'm planning on going every morning after school drop off. There is nothing else to do that early anyway. If you have errands to run, nothing is open until 10.00, so it's either the gym or drive all the way back home for a couple of hours, which sometimes will be nice too.

So Monday we should have all the routines for the school days in place after a soft start this week. I like Mondays for fresh starts, and this Monday is a 1st of the month too - couldn't get any better!

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Jason said...

And the first day of Ramadan is just around the corner too.