Sunday, 3 August 2008

Crayfish Party 08

Today the whole family on Mormor's side was here for a Crayfish Party. It's a typical August feast in Sweden, and even though Nathan had crayfish "the Swedish way" a couple of years ago (when we bought them from IKEA in the UK...) he had never attended a full-on Swedish Crayfish Party.

We had the crayfish with all the right attributes - lovely bread, nice salad, Västerbottenpaj (= a pie made with really strong cheese), colorful lights, and beer. We had skipped the snaps (= aquavit) since they all were driving back home afterwards, unfortunately. Normally you would have "a little one" with each claw, acompagnied by some cheerful singing!

Lucas was very hesitant, just like last time (he is not very adventurous with his food even on a good day). He liked the look of them, and played a bit with one, but didn't want to taste:

Linnea on the other hand seemed to enjoy them. She just wasn't patient enough to wait for them to be peeled, so she gave up after the first five-six crayfish:

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