Saturday, 9 August 2008

Stockholm Stiletto Run 2008

I have now left the kids to have some quality time with Mormor and Morfar. This morning I took the train to Stockholm and met up with Kamilla to visit Erika.
A girls weekend, yay!

We left our bags in the lockers at the Central Station and went to browse the shops for a bit. Didn't buy anything though, believe it or not.

We went to Kungsträdgården to support another friend of mine, Jenny-Ann, who was going to participate in the Stockholm Stiletto Run. It was a run in 12 heats and a final - with 100.000 SEK shopping money as a prize.
Here she is, just before the run:

The stilettos are getting measured, they had to be at least 7 cms:

The run was 100 m, and the girls were really fast! Jenny unfortunately didn't win her heat to make the final, the winning girl ran in under 17 seconds! Jenny did a good job though - here she is in action, to the left in the pink shirt:

Here is the supporter club:

Tonight we are all enjoying some wine and lovely salmon pasta at Erika's house, and of course some girlie talk and Swedish pick-and-mix candy. Mmm - that's the recipe for a good night!

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