Monday, 11 August 2008

More trendspotting

After a few days in Stockholm I can now bring my own personal report about what's trendy at the moment up here in the Swedish capital.

I have noticed one big difference to Copenhagen, people here are a lot more "styled" than in Denmark. It's not a question about a few different key items that work for everyone, but more about being as special and unique as possible.
Most people here look like they have stepped right out of a fashion magazine, or like they are on their way to a very chic party, but not always in a good way...

Mind you, we have noticed a few things that are extra popular:

- White tank tops, preferably combined with black high waist skirts.

- "Penguin-sleeved" and/or off-the-shoulder t-shirts.

- Plastic earrings, 80s style.

None of which I have taken any fancy. I did buy some nice white earrings (not plastic though), to get at least one pair of new earrings every time I get home to Scandinavia is tradition.
It's sure fun to trendspot though!

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