Friday, 29 August 2008

My morning read

In Sweden, I love(d) having long breakfasts while reading the morning paper. It kind of goes together, the smell of coffee and the rustling sound of paper. Here, I don't have time for long breakfasts - nor a morning paper to read...
Instead, what I do, is make myself a nice cup of coffee when I get back in from my early morning jobs (school run, gym, errands etc.) and sit down and enjoy my morning read on the internet. Thanks to the internet, I can still read the morning "papers" and keep up with what's going on at home, and in the world. Internet is great!

I also have a blog roll I follow almost every day, a bunch of favourite blogs I subscribe to. My blog roll is a mix between scrapbooking & photography blogs, both private and commercial to inspire and feed the scrapping mojo; private blogs (mostly other Swedish mums abroad - see links to the right); fashion blogs and home decorating blogs. I love reading about what's hot and not back home, and get inspiration for my new home.
Again - internet is great!

Here are just a few of my favourites (mostly in Swedish, sorry), check them out:

Underbara Clara - Old-time fashion today
I ett litet hus - Home decorating
Petrified in Pink - Design etc.
Jenny's Perspektiv - Home decorating
Badanka - Scrapbooking, art, graphic
**WoopsieDaisy** - Scrapbooking, photography

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