Saturday, 23 August 2008

In the jungle

Our next-door neighbours are moving in less than a week now (boo-hoo) so yesterday they brought over the garden furniture we have bought off them. Our amah and theirs also moved all their plants over to our house, which took them most of the afternoon cause there were so many! It turned really cosy straight away, with all that greanery!
Check it out. Before:

And after:

They hang plants in the trees here, for decoration I guess. It looks really nice:

Now all we need outside, is some nice lanters for in the evenings, some blinds for some privacy and maybe a soft, cosy sofa or too to lounge in. That would make this space even more perfect!

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Jason said...

The plants they hang are orchids which are epiphites (sp) which basically means they don't grow in soil but up in trees normally. Old egg shells on the bark and bits in the pots help them grow apparently. They don't like to be moved.

Funny, but I recognise some of the trees I planted when we moved in.