Thursday, 7 August 2008

Play date

Today we said goodbye to Nathan who took off home again; first back to UK, and then on to Brunei tomorrow.
Lucas told him several times that he is going to miss him, and of course we all will. Luckily we will be home too in under two weeks this time, and Nathan will be busy working and sorting out a few things with the house until then.

While Mormor and Morfar took him to the airport, the kids and I had a play date not far from there, at an old school friend of mine. Karin and I graduated together, and she now has two kids too, Olivia - a month younger than Lucas, and Valter - who will be 2 next month.

We saw them this winter as well when we spent time in Sweden, and then the kids played really nicely together. That was not exactly the case today... Seemed like the chemistry was totally off - it took them a good two hours of fighting and arguing over toys to establish some kind of balance. Then finally, about when it was time to go home, they were far too busy playing and having super fun on the slide:

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