Sunday, 17 August 2008

Playground fun

One of the things we always do while at Mormor & Morfar's, is to go to the huge playground they have in town. It's a really nicely made one, with a pirate ship, a car, swings, slides and a huge climbing frame. The kids always have a blast.

There is only one thing that is really strange, why are there almost never any other kids there?
Where are all the Swedish kids?!? Hiding inside? At home? Still on vacation?
I don't know. It's a mystery. It doesn't matter which time of the year we come, or what time of day - we are almost every time, the only ones there. Strange.


Anki72 said...

Var liggen den lekplatsen? Är det vid muséet? Där låg ju en lekplats när jag var liten i alla fall. Har ingen koll på Skara längre... :(

WatsonBrunei said...

Jepp! Vid muséet/Fornbyn.
Det finns också en fin (EU-anpassad, gudbevars!) lekplats i Olins Gränd nu - men där finns inga gungor, och det är viktigt för Linnea!

Larssons said...

Troligtvis pa samma stalle som alla amerikanska barn ar. Vi ar ofta valdigt ensamma pa lekplatserna haromkring.