Monday, 11 August 2008

Meanwhile, in another part of Sweden

I left Stockholm this afternoon after having had taco for lunch with the girls, done some last-minute shopping (only presents) and struggled to get all the Lego (a box of 11 kgs) with me on the train...

The kids were happy to see me, but it was only Linnea who came to meet me off the train, Lucas was waiting back home. Took them a while to fall asleep because they were really excited.

They've had a good weekend too, although it has rained a lot more down here than in Stockholm, so they haven't been able to go outside much. Which means they spent a lot of time playing with the Lego inside instead, surprise, surprise.
Mormor has been a bit poorly, she even lost her voice on Friday. So all weekend she has been "the Lego baddie without voice"! Mostly Lucas wants to play with the Batman and Two-Face figures, which can be a bit boring the 100th time, when your imagination runs dry... Mormor tried to suggest they should play with the Indiana Jones Lego instead.
- "Yes", Lucas said, "and then Batman can come and visit Indiana Jones!"

You can't win...
Here he is playing with some of the Lego, mostly my old Lego actually, still going strong! Notice all the little Lego men running:

This is how they run:

And since Mormor had no voice, it had to be Morfar reading the stories at night. Probably a nice change:

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