Saturday, 30 August 2008

Bit by bit

Our house is slowly taking the shape of a home, bit by bit. We have now changed the curtains downstairs, from this:

To this:

Makes a big difference, huh? A lot more warm and cosy. All these little details means so much in the overall feel of a house. I love to see the personality of the people living there when I enter a house.
The next thing for us will be some nice rugs for downstairs, but so far no luck.

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Mia said...

It's fabulous! As you say, a lot warmer and cosier. I love watching your "nesting". Tomorrow we get the keys to our new house (YIPPEEEE) and this time I am seriously going to do what you are doing. Putting down a bit of roots, to make it into a home.

Can't wait!