Monday, 25 August 2008

1st day of school 08/09

So, today was the day at least Linnea has been waiting for! Time for school after seven lovely weeks of holiday.
They were both really excited this morning, about their new bags, and lunch boxes - and about both getting dressed in their new uniform. Linnea was so proud she would were uniform too, just like her brother. She looked at Lucas as they got dressed and said excitedly:
-"Cool!!" and he responded "You look really nice Linnea". (Bless!)

They were absolutely adorable, and happily let me snap away some photos before we left home. This is how happy you are when you are off to school for the first time (I can almost hear Linnea say "Oh yeah!" when I see this photo!) :

With their new bags, very important:

My big boy:

My happy girl:

Arriving to school we first went to Lucas' new classroom. He has moved up to Reception this year, so not only is it a new classroom (which is similar to the old one though) but also a new teacher, a Mrs Williamson. Lucas introduced himself and promptly told her where he had been for the holidays, and that he had visited Legoland, of course!
He was a bit puzzled at first that none of his mates were there. The two Kindy-classes has been split up into three Reception classes for this year, and he is not in a class with either of his two best friends unfortunately. But he soon found another friend, and wasn't bothered at all when I left.

Then I went to drop off Linnea at Nursery. I thought it would be easy, since she spent all last year dropping off and picking up Lucas, so she knows the drill. Plus she was so excited. At first it was ok, she was curious about the other kids and her and her best friend Daniel got busy straight away with some toys - but when I was about to go she burst out in tears...

So I stayed for a bit longer, but then I went anyway (tough love!) knowing she would stop crying once I had left. The teacher told me when I came to pick her up, that she had settled almost instantly I was out the door, so it's probably just a bit of a protest. Otherwise she had had a good day.
We will see what happens tomorrow, and the rest of the days this week, when she realizes this will now happen every day..!

First thing Lucas said to me when I picked him up today was:
-"Jag vill inte vara så länge i skolan" (=I don't want to be this long at school)...
They go from 07.30 until 14.00 now (12.30 last year). Long days yes, but I guess he will get used to it. Otherwise he had had a good day and made new friends. He said he liked his new teacher, and he had got a new blue "schoolbag" they need to bring to and from school every day, with reading assignments etc. He was very cheery and happy - I think this will be a good school year!

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Lisa Clarke said...

hi, your posts about your children make me laugh because mine are the exact age now that yours were at the time and they are so similar! older boy wants everyone to do everything else for him, little girl who just bulldozes her way through the world. so funny.
anyway, i'm reading this (even though you've left brunei now) because we will probably be going this summer for the next year and we are looking at the same school. my son will be starting reception and my daughter will be in the nursery. with the different finishing times, what on earth do you do between the two? it really chops the day up.
and then for afternoon activities? did you just do swimming? playdates with friends? errands etc? hang out at home? the afternoon seems to stretch out for a long time .....