Thursday, 28 August 2008

The little unicorn

Linnea's pre-Kindy class (or Nursery class as you really should call it now, to comply with international standards) at school is called Unicorn. She is really enjoying being part of the little crowd of other "unicorns" and has proudly declared she has now got her own friends.

Her schedule for this year, looks like Lucas' from last year: they do swimming on Fridays, PE (sport) twice a week, music on Tuesdays and library on Thursdays. In between all that they have indoor and outdoor free play, music/singing time, computer time, quiet time and of course - snack time.

These first two weeks, they are not following the schedule completely to the point, but are very flexible to follow the kids' needs. Some of them will only recently have turned two and some will soon turn 3; so the age span is quite big considering the big difference between a 2- and a 3-year old.

The theme for these first two weeks is "All about me", and they will be talking about ‘How tall am I?', My handprints’, ‘My Birthday’ and ‘My favourite songs’.

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