Thursday, 14 August 2008

Astrid Lindgrens Värld

We were so lucky yesterday, with the weather, it was a really hot and sunny day (for a change) - which was really handy since we had decided to chance it and visit Astrid Lindgrens Värld (Astrid Lindgren's World) in Småland.
What a beautiful place!

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I must admit, it was just as much for my sake, as for the kids we decided to go there. Even though it was our 5th (!) big park for this vacation I really wanted to go, since the kids (especially Linnea) have been watching all our Astrid Lindgren movies lately, over and over again. I thought it was good timing this summer, while the kids were still into all these characters.

This park has no attractions, no rides. It's all about the stories of Astrid Lindgren, and it's a park full of performances, both scheduled on stage and improvisations throughout the park - special episodes from her different stories.
The kids are allowed to play in all the different settings too. It was a huge success for example, to be allowed into Pippi Långstrumps (Pippi Longstocking's) house, say hello to Karlsson på Taket (Karlsson-on-the-roof) or get (pretend) locked-in to Emil's woodshed.

We spent all day there, walking around, watching the shows and playing in the different settings and playgrounds. Lucas favourite was Pippi, where we saw about 3-4 stories getting acted out, and Linnea liked Karlsson på Taket.
If you ever get to Sweden, and you have the slightest fancy for Astrid Lindgren stories, this is a must! Well worth a visit.

As usual we took so many pictures, so I made a little slide show. Be patient, it takes a moment to load:

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Cissi said...

visst var det kul?! vi var ju också dit men jag skulle gärna haft en till dag på mig. Både jag och barnen älskade det!!!