Thursday, 21 August 2008


The jet lag is always worse for us coming back home to Brunei. Going east is hard.
Normally, when we go to Scandinavia, we manage to curb it within one early night and early rise; which is good cause we don't want to miss too much of our precious vacation time.

But coming back home is a different story... it normally takes several days to get back into normal rhythm. Which is why we came back five days early this time, so we have plenty of time to beat the jet lag before school starts on Monday.

Last night we actually slept, all of us, all night! Yes, the kids didn't get to bed until after 23, but that was ok. Linnea was rumbling a bit around 02, and came in to my bed (Nathan was at work) - but then we all slept until 07.30! Lovely!

Even though we might not be completely back in routine, we have at least had a good nights sleep, and that's really important. Today probably will be a bit upside-down too, but that's ok. It seems we might be lucky and get over it fairly quickly though this time anyway.

Edit: The only not so nice thing, is that Lucas has been throwing up all morning. He can't even keep water down at the moment, a little bit worrying, but hopefully it will get better during the day.

Edit 2: He is now ok. Has kept down both fluids and toast, and building Lego with full energy again.

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