Sunday, 31 August 2008

Busy weekend

Our first "school weekend" (you know what I mean) has been rather busy, but nice:

- We have been to a 5-year birthday party, with loads of kids dressed up according to the spooky theme, a couple of hours just as chaotic as all these birthday parties are with kids that age.
- We have seen the new Wall-E movie at the cinema. Lucas thought it was ok, Linnea got a bit scared and a bit bored, not quite her type of movie just yet I think.
- We have had the carpenter here to fix the desk in the office.
- I went to a girls-night/birthday dinner and Nathan went to a games/curry night.
- We have mounted all (just about) our paintings and other things that are going up on the wall.
- I've done the weekly (sort of) shop, unpacked a few boxes (yes, there are still a few left) and sorted out some other bits and pieces.
- We have been for a swim at the Empire, and said goodbye to our friends the Holmes who left Brunei for good and flew out last night.

Now Nathan is working, the kids are asleep and the TV remote is mine and all mine! :)

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