Sunday, 2 August 2009

Trend report from Scandiland

After a little over a week in Denmark, I must say this year I think Denmark wins the fashion match over Sweden, I like the style here a lot better.

It's weird to come as an outsider to a place, where you feel at home but still like a foreigner. I don't belong here anymore, but still it's very familiar.
It's funny to have the eyes though to be able to generalize about your 'own' people, like they do when they say "All French are snobs" or "All Brits wear football shirts". They don't see it themselves, but the Danes/Swedes are all the same too!

This year, they are ALL wearing gladiator sandals (Swedes), all-in-one jumpsuits (Danes), genie pants (both), small floral prints (Danes), loose fitting clothes like tunics etc (both), the colour coral (Danes), bodies & high waisted skirts (Swedes), leggings (Swedes) and hair bands with big flowers, bows or other decorations (Danes).
It almost feels like a uniform!

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