Monday, 24 August 2009

A fresh start

Many people think of autumn (because yes, I'm Swedish so I follow the northern seasons and now we're going into autumn...) as a fresh start - and so do I.
When I was younger I always enjoyed starting school again after the summer holidays, I always enjoyed getting new pens, book covers and pencil cases; and starting from scratch again with a new year.

I guess autumn still brings up that feeling in me. I really like autumn, and I like having routines. It seems like my body likes routines and finding it's rhytm again. Autumn is a bit like New Year for me, I always recap a bit, look over my daily life - decide what needs to be changed or renewed. After a summer of relaxed living it's easier to create new patterns - and I like it!

We have one week left now of the summer holidays and it's going to be spent with getting over the jet lag, unpacking, sorting out the house, relaxing and getting ready for Monday - the school start, and new routines.

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