Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Our little Scrooge

While being in Sweden Linnea and Lucas have got their own little piggy banks from Mormor, to be kept here. They have been "fed" several times during the holiday, while the kids have sometimes been rewarded, or bribed (...) or just sometimes because. This week we are emptying them to go to the toy store for a bit of a shop.
Linnea has already many times emptied her piggy bank to count all her money, at one stage it was several times per day...

She keeps asking for money to put in it, and if she doesn't get any there and then, she goes hunting for some - as we all know her weakness for coins... She has been seen picking some up from Morfar's desk, and some from Daddy's wallet; but her favourite trick is getting them from returning the supermarket trolleys!

It's really a win-win for her, since she loves coming shopping and especially in this store, where children can use kiddie-sized trolleys. When we are done, she hurries to put them back, and pockets the 10 kr-coin! Ha ha! So Scrooge!

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