Saturday, 22 August 2009

Lek & bus huset

It's been raining today, our last day of holiday. On one hand it sucked a bit because I was looking forward to a last nice run in my forest, on the other hand it's been quite alright - makes it easier to leave!

We took the opportunity to go and discover something new, that we hadn't tried out before, the 'Lek & bus huset' in the neighbouring town of Lidköping. It's a place for kids, made up out of ten different rooms with different themes/things in them. There was f.e a room completely full of pillows, a room made out as a store with a cashier and all, a room with dolls, a kitchen and dolls houses, a room with a child size racing car, a lighthouse, a Postman Pat car and a boat to climb in, a room where to train your balance, a climbing wall, a room full of masquerade clothes etc...

The kids seemed to have a good time, even though I thought it was a bit pricey and will probably only go back next year, if it wont stop raining at all! Otherwise, the kids have just as much fun at the playground!

Even Mormor played a bit!

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