Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Today we went on a little excursion. Only a short distance from here, there is a place called Falkängen (in Hällekis). It's a small street with houses from the early 1900s, where in the summertime a bunch of artists move in and show and sell their stuff. There is everything from paintings, straw creations, jewelery and ceramics to sewn things and much more.

It's a very pretty place, here are some photos:

Photographer: Lucas. He's got quite a talent actually!

This was my favourite "shop". The artist here sold candle light holders designed to hang, in trees or bushes or whatever. They were so pretty, and I wished I had unlimited luggage allowance on SAS (yes, I do need to get from Sweden to UK with them) so I could bring a bunch of these to hang in my garden for our next party.

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