Saturday, 29 August 2009

Thanks to the Swedish Presidency

Before we went away on holiday, I got a call from the Swedish Consulate here in Brunei, that I had a gift to come and pick up..?
Yes, it was a gift in honour of the Swedish Presidency of the European Union (that Sweden took over on the 1st of July) - something both for Mr and Mrs Watson. Exciting!
I didn't have time to get it before we left, but Anna had picked it up for me, and today I got my present:

It was a scarf for me, and a tie for Nathan - in nice blue and yellow colours, together with some other little things such as pens and paper pads in the same design! Go Sweden!
You have to be grateful though, I really doubt every expat Swede is receiving this package. It must be because there are only so very few of us here in the country. It's kind of cool!

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