Sunday, 2 August 2009

Summer house visits

Getting ourselves back to Sjælland, we have made two stops. Today we are in north-west Sjæland with our friends the Dehlis (from Brunei) in their summer house (/Danish home), and yesterday we spent at Bildø Strand, with Thomas & Signe.
We got set to work straight away!

Mounting this trampoline was no big thing really - but the net... it took three attempts to get it right!
Luckily Thomas had built a cool tree house the kids could play in while they waited, it was such a great kid play area out in the yard.

Linnea trying it out slightly, while we are working on the final bits:

The circus artists:

Packing the car proved to be a bit of a puzzle, strangely enough..:

We have one more day in Denmark, tomorrow we are off back to Sweden, for another week of road trip around to visit friends. Yiha!

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