Thursday, 20 August 2009

Look Mummy, what I can do!

There is not really a lot of playgrounds around Brunei, and to be honest we don't spend a lot of time at the ones there are either, since it's always too hot.

So we make the most of it here in Sweden and go to the playground nearly every day. It's a perfect way to entertain the kids, and they also get to interact with other kids while we are there.
It's so cool to see how fast the kids acquire new talents. F.e Lucas has (finally) learned how to swing properly (and high!) by himself, and today he also wanted to show me how he could all by himself climb the whole climbing wall:

Of course, everything takes practise, and while f.e our 5-year old might not be able to ride his bike just yet (we have agreed to practise that a lot more on our return though!), he can swim - and so can our 3-year old! Simply because that's what we do most!

Playgrounds are lots of fun though! We will miss "our" one when we leave!

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