Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Mammaaa, mammaaa!

If only there was a machine, pedometer-type, that could measure how many times a day I hear this at the moment... Maybe it's just because my patience is wearing a bit thin after three days of travel, seven weeks of nonstop together-time or maybe it's because of the jet lag; one thing is for sure, it is driving me absolutely insane!!
It never stops!

I hear "mammaaa, mammaaa" at least every 20 seconds - to come and look at something, because they want to tell me something, to break up a fight or solve a problem, to wipe their bums or serve them food, to turn on the TV or change movie, to make the other one be quiet or to ask me when we can go and play at someones house... Aaarrrghhh... How does single parents do it?? Respect.

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