Friday, 19 March 2010

31 and 32,5

Hours that is, door to door - and degrees difference this time..!

It was a long trip, as usual. Funnily enough, the first two flights (8h40 and 7h40) are like a piss in the ocean compared to the last part of the trip. It took us 12 hours just from when we landed in London until we walked in the door at my parents house...

This time we had the added spice of arriving in LHR and finding out that our tickets to go over to Scandinavia wasn't valid (long story...)!! What to do lah?
Well, after a couple of hours of total distress, lots of expensive phone calls to Brunei and quite a few tears - I had to pull out the credit card and just buy new tickets...

We made it. We always do of course, but it is hard work to do it all in one go. Now we've had a good nights sleep all of us and are about to get suited up and go out and play in the snow!

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