Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Mamma, do dej know...

Linnea's language is in a developing phase at the moment, and she has a lot to say these days! I hear the statement above 100 times a day, at least! (=Mummy, do you know...")
She still speaks a great amount of 'swenglish' but the funniest thing is that she says she is speaking Spanish... Well, Spanish... Swedish... it's all a bit confusing I guess, especially when she is talking about it. She is very proud of speaking several languages, as is Lucas who always counts in the Mandarin as well.

They other day, one of the library books she brought home had poems both in English and in Spanish in it. So I read some to the kids in Spanish as well, just for fun.
Lucas then asks me where in the world they speak Spanish - and Linnea promptly pipes up:
- "I know that! In Dora-land!" :)

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