Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Spring cleaning!

I don't know why, but every time I'm off somewhere I go crazy tidying up before, sorting things and cleaning out. I mostly attack the kids stuff - both clothes and toys, but this time I have also had a long hard look in my own wardrobe and managed to sort out a big pile of clothes I never or will never wear again.

It's a little bit like spring cleaning! It feels so good! (It is really to make room for things I bring back, but still!)

It's amazing though how many broken and/or not used toys we have... It's always fun after one of my crazy tidy-ups to see the kids "rediscover" the things they have forgotten about! Maybe we just have too many toys?

Lucas must have had a growth spurt over the winter, because when we were off to Hong Kong we had to try on four different "airplane trousers" before we found one pair that didn't flag on his ankles!
Normally down here, the kids tend to wear out their clothes rather than outgrow them. Since we always have the same temperature, all the clothes get worn all the time. Apart from the "airplane clothes" (Lucas' name for them...) that is, because we only use them a couple of times a year it's hard to keep track of if they fit or not!

Anyway - must continue with the cleaning!

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