Saturday, 20 March 2010

Blessing in disguise?

I'm still not well enough to start my running again. I can still feel the stupid injury from the Hong Kong race, and I'm not going to try and return to training before I feel completely 100%.
So, I have no high hopes I will be able to run at all while I'm in Sweden. I wont be doing the race next Sunday, that's for sure. At least not running but I'm actually not sure walking 10k is a good idea either, so we'll see.

In a way, it's quite nice not being able to run though... It's not really the gorgeous spring weather here yet that I'd expected. No sun, no clear trails, no birds happily chirping about spring, no pretty flowers...
It looks more like this along the roads:

Ha ha, seems like my injury has turned into the best excuse!

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Anonymous said...

Hard Winter in Northern & Middle Europe this year... here in Hamburg spring arrived 5 days ago (after heavy new snowfalls at the beginning of March - ask Claudia when you're back!!). How long do you stay in Sweden? Maybe you are lucky enough to catch at least one or two of the expected spring days...:-)
Besides, have a nice stay there, regards from Susanne