Saturday, 6 March 2010


As I wrote in my story about the Sunday race, I managed somehow to pull a groin muscle and was in a lot of pain afterward.
It's eased off and have become better during the week, and as I was eager to get out and run again not to loose the momentum, I went out yesterday for a cheeky 5k.

Well, it actually didn't become any more than a very painful 1k, barely... I ended up not even walking, but stumbling back to the car in tears and with huge pains again... Bugger!
Not very familiar with sports injuries I decided to google a bit, and it seems like it's a grade III groin strain (adductor muscle tear). Seems like I'll have to do at least one week, maybe even two, of resting, until it's completely gone. Not good.

I'm not too worried about the Stockholm race. If I cant do it I cant do it. (It might be still snowing and in minus degrees anyway, which would be a no-go for me!) That's just life, it's more important I get well.

I'm not too worried about loosing the fitness either by having too long of a break. If I do, I know I can always get it back - as long as I start again.
But that's exactly what I'm worried about, not feeling it and not starting again... That's happened before...
I really do hope this time will be different. I have to remember, it's all about lacing up the shoes, right!

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tinylou said...

think its the season for injuries Boel.. hope ur ok x