Monday, 15 March 2010


This injury sucks.

I've never been a sports person (when I was younger I was playing music and being member of the chess club...) so I've never suffered a proper sports injury before.
Apparently this one is one of the harder ones to rehabilitate, I've been told now it can take up to eight weeks before I'm good again! Well, I've realized it's a muscle you use a lot, since I keep hurting myself over and over again, straining it again, doing completely normal things like getting into the car or helping Lucas with his shoe laces.

This is about how I look inside my leg/groin:

I was really happy because I finally felt I was on the mend the last two days, not having done it again - but then today at the supermarket, I managed to somehow give it a pull again and was nearly in tears at the rice and pasta section.
Bugger. Back to square one, this will take time - and it sucks.

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