Monday, 22 March 2010

Fighting it

It seems like the winter is really fighting it at the moment. This morning it is -7,2 degrees again, brrr! Yesterday there was even a few snowflakes, but still - I think spring is stronger! Snow is melting, and if you compare to the photos I posted on Friday, it now looks like this:

Dirty, melting snow.
The birds are happy though, it's easier for them to get to the food, although Mormor & Morfar have been feeding them all winter, as they always do.
The snowman only took two days to turn into this:

It's still fun to play at the playground even though it's chilly, although it's a bit hard to climb and move about, with all these clothes on!

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Katarina på Filippinerna said...

Härligt att våren kommer. Ser ut som du ändå¨är i södra delarna av Sverige då snön smält och kvistarnas knoppar börjat svälla!

Ha det gott!